What’s the Difference?

Quality of products

We use only the safest products for each material found on a vehicle. Cheaper cleaning agents tend to be stronger than necessary. They clean the dirty area but also damage the material it’s laying on. We take the time to research and test to find the best products for each material found in your car.  Whether it’s the leather on your seats to the rubber on your tires, the product used is the best available.

Real Paint Correction

When it comes to correcting the paint, many use liquids that have fillers.  These fillers hide scratches rather than removing them.  When you get a paint correction from Turn 7, there is no hiding scratches or imperfections.  It’s a true restoration of the paint.

Training & Knowledge

Turn 7 Auto Care has trained side by side with some of the industry’s top detailers.  Seeking out veteran detailers with reputable track records and constantly keeping up with the newest technologies and techniques, we strive to learn the best way to maintain a vehicle.


With over 15 years of detailing experience, I’ve always had a passion to keep vehicles in the best condition possible. I believe that the driving experience is far more than just a trip from point A to B, and I’ve always been drawn to a cars’ distinct combination of beauty and power, the way its curves, lines, and color can turn heads and command attention. There’s truly nothing like the feeling of driving a car in pristine condition.